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At Coffediction we pride ourselves on cooking up your appetite with our selection of quality fresh meals. Our priority is to deliver the ‘wow’ factor with the size, flavours, colours and design of your meal.

Whoever said ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ was on the mark, which is why we’re running a weekly photography competition.

How it works: Our customer orders a meal at Coffediction and then takes a photograph. They upload the image onto any of our social media accounts using either hashtag: #Coffediction or #Ihavecoffediction.

A winner will be selected every Monday and their photograph will be uploaded to the Coffediction site in the ‘Gallery’ tab. The photograph will be attributed to the recipient of the photo and they also win a free coffee from our special blend.

Conditions of entry:

Must be a Coffediction member (Free membership here: membership form)
Must be an photograph of a Coffediction beverage or meal
Photo must be posted with a hashtag: #Coffediction or #Ihavecoffediction
Must redeem coffee within week from date of announcement